Package dagger.model

Interface Binding

    • Method Detail

      • dependencies<DependencyRequest> dependencies()
        The dependencies of this binding. The order of the dependencies corresponds to the order in which they will be injected when the binding is requested.
      • bindingElement

        java.util.Optional<javax.lang.model.element.Element> bindingElement()
        The Element that declares this binding. Absent for binding kinds that are not always declared by exactly one element.

        For example, consider BindingKind.MULTIBOUND_SET. A component with many @IntoSet bindings for the same key will have a synthetic binding that depends on all contributions, but with no identifiying binding element. A @Multibinds method will also contribute a synthetic binding, but since multiple @Multibinds methods can coexist in the same component (and contribute to one single binding), it has no binding element.

      • contributingModule

        java.util.Optional<javax.lang.model.element.TypeElement> contributingModule()
        The TypeElement of the module which contributes this binding. Absent for bindings that have no binding element.
      • requiresModuleInstance

        boolean requiresModuleInstance()
        Returns true if using this binding requires an instance of the contributingModule().
      • scope

        java.util.Optional<Scope> scope()
        The scope of this binding if it has one.
      • isProduction

        boolean isProduction()
        Returns true if this is a production binding, e.g. an @Produces method.
      • kind

        BindingKind kind()
        The kind of binding this instance represents.