Interface BindingGraphPlugin

  • public interface BindingGraphPlugin
    A pluggable visitor for BindingGraph.

    Note: This is still experimental and will change.

    • Method Detail

      • visitGraph

        void visitGraph​(BindingGraph bindingGraph,
                        DiagnosticReporter diagnosticReporter)
        Called once for each valid root binding graph encountered by the Dagger processor. May report diagnostics using diagnosticReporter.
      • init

        default void init​(DaggerProcessingEnv processingEnv,
                          java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> options)
        Initializes this plugin with a DaggerProcessingEnv.

        This will be called once per instance of this plugin, before any graph is visited.

      • supportedOptions

        default java.util.Set<java.lang.String> supportedOptions()
        Returns the annotation-processing options that this plugin uses to configure behavior.
        See Also:
      • pluginName

        default java.lang.String pluginName()
        A distinguishing name of the plugin that will be used in diagnostics printed to the messager. By default, the fully qualified name of the plugin is used.
      • onProcessingRoundBegin

        default void onProcessingRoundBegin()
        Runs before each round of Dagger annotation processing.

        If using the plugin to process elements that need resetting at the beginning of each processing round, use this function to perform the setup.

      • onPluginEnd

        default void onPluginEnd()
        Perform any extra work after the plugin finished all its visiting. This will be called once per instance of this plugin, after all graphs were visited