Interface BindingGraph.DependencyEdge

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    public static interface BindingGraph.DependencyEdge
    extends BindingGraph.Edge
    An edge that represents a dependency on a binding.

    Because one DependencyRequest may represent a dependency from two bindings (e.g., a dependency of Foo<String> and Foo<Number> may have the same key and request element), this class does not override Object.equals(Object) to use value semantics.

    For entry points, the source node is the BindingGraph.ComponentNode that contains the entry point. Otherwise the source node is a Binding.

    For dependencies on missing bindings, the target node is a BindingGraph.MissingBinding. Otherwise the target node is a Binding.

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      • isEntryPoint

        boolean isEntryPoint()
        Returns true if this edge represents an entry point.