Class TimingRecorders

  • @Beta
    public final class TimingRecorders
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utility methods relating to timing.
    • Method Detail

      • delegatingProductionComponentTimingRecorderFactory

        public static ProductionComponentTimingRecorder.Factory delegatingProductionComponentTimingRecorderFactory​(java.util.Collection<ProductionComponentTimingRecorder.Factory> factories)
        Returns a timing recorder factory that delegates to the given factories, and ensures that any method called on this object, even transitively, does not throw a RuntimeException or return null.

        If the delegate recorders throw an Error, then that will escape this recorder implementation. Errors are treated as unrecoverable conditions, and may cause the entire component's execution to fail.

      • noOpProductionComponentTimingRecorderFactory

        public static ProductionComponentTimingRecorder.Factory noOpProductionComponentTimingRecorderFactory()
        Returns a recorder factory that returns no-op component recorders.
      • noOpProductionComponentTimingRecorder

        public static ProductionComponentTimingRecorder noOpProductionComponentTimingRecorder()
        Returns a component recorder that returns no-op producer recorders.